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GRAVITA GAMES prepares the Kickstarter launch of Crystal Age,

a fantasy board game with exotic creatures and different game modes (Solitaire, Cooperative, and Competitive).

Gravita Games

We are commited to give you the best quality board games.

Gravita Games

Prove and Reputation

A few years ago, we founded Sanctorvm on Kickstarter, a massive sci-fi game that was succesfully delivered to every backer and has a 9/10 on Board Games Geek


High Quality Materials

We bet on the quality of the final product, working together with Eastar Game Manufacturing, one of the best board games production companies in the world.


Focus on the Visuals

Lots of amazing international artists have given life to the visuals of our games with a unique and very colorful art.


Let your imagination soar with us...

Gravita Games
Gravita Games
Gravita Games Logo

Thanks for join us!

Gravita Games
Gravita Games


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