Sanctorvm is an adult game. Its narrative (Adventure Mode) uses free and explicit violence to drive the players through the atmosphere, and surround them with all the concepts that trigger disturbance and immorality in human beings. Players will be forced to take part in different events which may cause discomfort to those playing or viewing it.

Our objective is NOT to promote this way of thinking. We created this unique universe to show the worst side of human beings.

For those who just want a quick, fun, goreless game session, we also offer the Arcade Mode which includes missions for 1 to 6 players and doesn't follow the narrative or need an Overlord.


Because Sanctorvm is a narrative adventure, our long-term goal is to bring it to the digital world. Using pixel art style, we will create an application that will act as a storyteller itself, facilitating the Overlord's job. This application will not be required for the gameplay, but it will help!


We knew that there had to be more than just a board game to define the Sanctorvm project, and in this case, we chose to create an album that could evoke the needed atmosphere.

Thanks to 12 artists around the world that joined our project, we now have 12 tracks to enhance the ambience of our game sessions. It has an exclusive OST retro-wave style, mixing the sounds of the 80’s/90’s with some kind of dark background, and the final results sound amazing.

The album (THE DEPTH) itself represents a journey. Cooperlay’s Daughter 401 might now be a living hell, but the music is great!

TheDepth Arists.jpg

Our vinyls will be produced by Deepgrooves company. 

Sanctorvm 48.jpg

The idea of Sanctorvm was born during a role-playing session combined with the essence of Sci-Fi movies like Event Horizon, Pandorum, or Alien.

Once we had the main story, we went looking for visual references to develop the different factions of the Colony and define the style not just of the different creatures and enemies, but also the whole game pack, trying to mix ideas from Dead Space, Borderlands, or Dark Souls for example.

We used Christian references to create a distorted version and develop the Edentronic Order ruled by Savior.


Tribal and Mad Max-Cyberpunk references were used to create the Virgul Tum’s Stigia Herd.



In order to create the Leviathan Cult, we took the aesthetics of different Satanic cults and combined them with the idea of the cult from Dead Space.


For the Scarlet Pantheon and the military world of Didier, we have the Colonel Kurt and his brigade from Apocalypse Now as the idea of an army ruled by a madman.


Finally, we have Proteus, a virus inspired by the unleashed power of the movie Akira, growing grotesque organic forms with different powers.

These powers are known as Ethermancy and are the representation of magic in this world, so we chose a style closer to Tarot or Sakura - the anime - to create them, using just black and white and a classic composition.

To complement the art, we have all the music created by various artists that gives the final touch of colour and spirit, taking the sounds and aesthetics from the retro wave music and giving power to neons and powerful colours.

Mixing all of this, we finally have a product that tries to manage a constant duality between order and chaos, organic and inorganic, life and death, to finally fit it all into a box lost in space.


We took this project to crowdfunding because we love what we do! We have put our maximum effort into this project and we need your help to get it out across the globe!

If you like sci-fi, survival horror games, and terror atmosphere, please back this project and help us create Sanctorvm.