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Sanctorvm Board Game



A co-op game of sci-fi survival horror for 1-6 players featuring:

  • "Choose Your Own Adventure" Format

  • Strategic Battle System

  • Insane sound experience

Fight and make decisions to survive!



The space colony, Cooperlay's Daughter 401, is infested with terrible creatures. Defeat one of the four main factions:

  • Crimson Legion: Face a militarized society, owners of the latest weapons technology and heirs to a dark Roman culture.

  • The Stygian Herd: Surrender to chaos and madness, surrounded by the largest and most savage tribe humanity has ever seen.

  • Leviathan Cult: Witness the true power: Ethermancy, the vital source of a hermetic and occult civilization.

  • Edentronic Order: Fear the metallic god and his Christian heralds, whose sole purpose is to extinguish organic matter.

Sanctorvm La Familia

Use the Homo Superbe, experimental subjects genetically modified with a strange virus and enhanced with high-tech implants.

  • Neshorn: An impenetrable fortress and the last to fall.

  • Nezumi: The edge of its shadow is the last thing you'll see.

  • Tapayaxin: No matter where you hide, its bullets will always reach you.

  • Prymat: His strength is only surpassed by his wrath.

  • Lupa: She and her faithful companion Romulus lead the way to victory.

  • Ghurab: The only one who knows the true Ethermancy.



huge variety

of equipment

Equip your Homo Superbe with infinite combinations:

  • Weapons: Each faction has unique weaponry to suit their style. Wield sophisticated and macabre ranged or melee weapons.  

  • Armor: Each armor activates a unique power that will give you an advantage in combat.

  • Objects: Fundamental for survival, do not hesitate to investigate every corner of the colony to get them.

  • Grenades: Who doesn't like explosions? Try the Babyboom grenade for extreme situations.

  • Proterberus: Strange artifacts that contain the power of Ethermancy.

Explore the intricacies of the Sanctorvm universe through an extensive adventure with narrative decisions. Choose the paths that will reshape the destiny of the protagonists; meet dozens of characters, clans, and factions; and find secrets yet to be discovered.

Immerse yourself in the darkness of the Cooperlay’s Daughter 401, a space colony forgotten more than a thousand years ago. The survivors have pushed humanity's primitive instincts to the limit, raising civilizations and tribes with extremist ideals that compete for territory and power.


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