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A fantasy board and card game, for 1 to 4 players.

  • Various game modes (cooperative, competitive and solo).

  • For all types of players.

  • Incredible miniatures and illustrations.

  • Each game is unique and full of unexpected turns.

Will you use your power to help end the corruption? Or will you submit to the greed and doom of being the most powerful hero of Ansel?


choose your hero

There are 4 heroes available and each with a unique ability:

  • Zhandar - The Mage: The failures of his enemies are his victory.

  • Dianne - The Rogue: Kill her enemies before they become aware of her presence.

  • Ghruk M'ak - The Warrior: His skill has no limits. If he misses a blow, he strikes again until he hits.

  • Edraine - The druidess: Protects nature and blesses it with the power of life.



Explore the different biomes and defeat corrupted creatures to acquire their abilities and empower your hero.

  • The Wall: This is the area where the heroes begin their adventure. The corruption of the crystal is weak but the wandering creatures have ended up with more than one unwary hero.

  • The Wasteland: In these arid lands the corruption is higher and the creatures are adapted to survive in extreme conditions. Only the strongest can survive in the Wasteland.

  • The Forest: populated by powerful and intelligent creatures. As in the Wasteland, corruption is stronger than in the wall. Many get lost in this natural labyrinth and lose their sanity.

  • The Crater: The end of the journey and where the crystal corruption is most intense. It is home to the most fearsome creatures of the Crystal Age and is dominated by the powerful titans.


Gain the favor of the guardians

The paths to the crater are guarded by the four guardians. You must pass the guardian's trial in order to pass and gain their favor.

Each guardian grants the hero a different power:

  • Harändur - Guardian of the Sword: Makes the one who wins his favor more powerful.

  • Therial - Guardian of the Throne: Exhausts rivals and reinvigorates allies.

  • Athera - Guardian of the Chalice: Brings back from the dead those who prove their worth.

  • Sirgud Tum - Guardian of the Shield: Offers his protection to whoever proves himself worthy.


Defeat The Lords Of Corruption

The center of the crater is governed by the Lords of the Corrption. Mighty heroes of the past who succumbed to the power of the crystal and forgot their original form, mutating into monstrous creatures due to corruption. 

To win a game of Crystal Age, you must defeat the Lords of Corruption. 

When you defeat a Lord of Corruption, you acquire its crystal and one of its abilities.

 Will you be able to defeat them all?