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Greetings Ansel's Heroes,


In this update, we want to share more details about the content of the "Crystal expansion" which is included in the "Mid Corruption pledge" and the "High Corruption pledge".


After testing numerous games of Crystal Age, we realized that we could make the heroes’ path more challenging by presenting random events. This allowed us to create more uncertainty for the players and, at the same time, allow them to adapt their strategies according to this random factor.


Excited, we set about creating this expansion in which you can find two types of cards:

  • Event Cards:

These are automatically activated once the card is revealed. They can affect the player who revealed the card or several players. Their effects can be positive or negative. An example is the card Vortex, which moves all the heroes to the nearest portals of the initial realm (where they started the game).

  • Consumable cards:

The player who draws the card keeps it in their hand and can use it during any of their turns. To do so, they discard the card and activate its effect. An example is the Potion card, which allows the hero to recover 3 life points.

In short, the expansion includes a total of 50 cards with various effects to make the games more challenging and unique! Remember that this expansion is not mandatory to enjoy Crystal Age, it will only add more randomness to your games.

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