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Greetings Ansel's Heroes,


In this update, we want to show you the "Creature Collector's Box," a premium collector's edition that enhances the 96 Creature cards + 8 Crystal Fragment cards included in the corebox with a much more deluxe and unique finish. 


The box comes with a glow-in-the-dark map print of Ansel on matte black and the Crystal Age logo in UV metallic gold. The card backs come with the UV metallic stamped logos of their respective level of corruption (Blue, Orange, and Pink), giving a very nice and elegant look. On the card front, we have redesigned the interface with a more minimalist style that turns the art into the protagonist of the game, creating more sense of depth and giving even more relevance to the fearsome creatures of Crystal Age.

In addition, all cards will feature brand new illustrations, made exclusively for this collector's edition and adapted to the new interface format. All this will make the collector's decks visually stand out from the regular decks.


Remember that this edition does not modify any type of statistics or ability of the creatures; it is exclusively an improvement in the quality of materials and visuals. This box is designed for all players who want to play with more premium cards with a unique visual.

Thanks to this edition, we will be able to hire more international and national artists to offer a wider variety of styles that will make each creature have a very diverse art.

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