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If this is your first time on Kickstarter and you are not sure what to do, then this guide will fill in some of the gaps.

What is Kickstarter?

Kickstarter is a crowdfunding platform to create projects using the contributions of the backers (people who support the campaign). 


In our case, as an indie company, it helps us to get the necessary funds to produce our games with the highest quality and freedom possible.

How does it work?

Kickstarter is a platform that helps companies like ours to obtain funding before having the final product. On it, you can purchase the items you want at a cheaper price than they will be priced at in store. In addition, during the campaign, as the total amount raised increases, the content of the core box will also increase (unlocked with the "stretch goals").

Please note that you will not be charged anything until the campaign ends and the minimum total amount of money raised has been obtained. So you can purchase your reward without having money in your bank account; this helps a lot to raise the project in the search rankings. Once the campaign is over (often 21 days to 30 days), the money you have decided to put into the campaign will be charged to your card.

How to realize your pledge?

  1. Choose your pledge level (reward), from the right-hand side of the page. The items that you will get are detailed in every pledge level. (Full explanation of all the pledge levels are described on the Kickstarter page.)

  2. Confirm your chosen pledge level.

  3. Add to your pledge any optional extra items (add-ons) that you’d like to purchase. Some add-ons might already be included in your pledge, so be sure to check the reward description, unless you want extra copies! If you see any add-ons you want, click ‘Add’ to add them to your pledge. This will update your pledge total.

  4. Click ‘Continue’, check the amount, and click ‘Pledge’.

Congratulations, you are already part of our dream! Soon you will receive your reward!

What Happens Next?

Around 1 month after the campaign ends, you’ll get an email inviting you to the pledge manager, where you can manage your pledge.


Once you’ve accepted the invitation, you can confirm or upgrade your pledge, pay for shipping (based on your location), and confirm your delivery address.


For most regions, we cover any VAT duties or sales tax charges, so those are accounted for in the pledge price and shipping estimations. You’ll find more detail on this on the Kickstarter page. Backers in other regions will be liable for any VAT or sales taxes which might be applied in their own countries.


Either way, there will be no extra costs for VAT charged by us in the pledge manager.


Is this the final game?

Everything you see in the Kickstarter is a sample of what we want to create since the final production will only become a reality if we get the necessary funding.


What is the funding goal?

The funding goal reflects the minimum amount of money we need to produce the project (payment of artists, taxes, marketing, mass production...).


What happens if the project funding goal is not reached?

If the project does not reach the goal (is not funded), you will not be charged anything. Kickstarter only charges money to backers once the campaign is finished and successfully funded (project 100% funded or more).


What Are ‘Add-ons’?

Add-ons are optional items you can choose to add to your pledge, like extra dice, card sleeves, etc.

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